WFDF Warm up Weekend

Juliana Korver and Rick LeBeau will be hosting the WFDF Warm up Weekend June 24 & 25 in San Diego, CA, sponsored by Rickaroons and Innova.

The goal of this event is three fold.
1. We want to give people (including ourselves) another opportunity to compete in the Flying Disc Overall field events. We feel this will be better practice for the WFDF World Overall Championships than simply practicing on our own. (Throwing SCF in front of a group is different than throwing alone.)

2. We hope we attract some non-overall players- in which case we will spend time teaching/coaching the new players about each event. I fully believe there are disc golfers out there who don’t yet realize how much fun they can have playing other disc disciplines. Several folks we don’t recognize as traditional attendees at overall competitions have expressed desire/interest in attending here. They are encouraged by the chance to learn from those of us with experience in these various disciplines. Consider it an opportunity to share your knowledge and grow the community with some more novice overall players.

3. We would love to see some WFDF records broken at this event. There are the obvious records that we will be trying for in MTA, TRC, SCF, Accuracy and Distance, but given enough time, we can also try for some of the more obscure records such as mini distance, mini MTA, upside down distance…

Please consider joining us. You may compete in as many or as few events as you wish. For $15 you will get the players pack- which will include at least 2 discs and 3 Rickaroons.

Click here to register for WWW.