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DDC – Juliana Korver


DDC stands for Double Disc Court. It is a pairs event. Two people per team, two teams, and two discs. You play on a court that consists of two 13 meter squares separated by 17 meters. One team is in each of the squares.

ddc serve

Each team starts with one disc. Games are usually played to 15 or 21. Play is initiated by a count down of “Ready, 2, 1, Throw”. On “throw” the servers throw their disc to the other court. If a disc lands inside the opposite court without the opposing team catching it, the side who threw the disc gains one point. If a disc lands outside of the court, or lands in the court and then skips or rolls out of the court, the receiving side gains a point. If at anytime during play, both discs end up in one court and are both being touched at the same time, this is called a double and the team who is not caught touching both discs at the same time is awarded two points. It is this aspect of scoring that makes this game so dynamic, quick, and fun as teams try to time shots such that both discs will be arriving at your court at the same time. In defense of the double, one person can tip their disc trying to give their teammate time to catch and throw before the first person catches and throws.

Here are some videos to help you understand the game:
How to Play DDC
How to Play Better DDC
2015 World Overall Flying Disc Championships – Women’s DDC Finals
2010 WFDF DDC Men’s Finals
2009 WFDF DDC Men’s Finals, games 2 & 4


There is a specific DDC made by Wham-O that weighs about 110 grams. It is very understable and takes some getting used to especially if you are coming from a disc golf background.