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2017 California States Overall – Juliana Korver

2017 California States Overall

Juliana Korver and Rick LeBeau will be hosting the 2017 California States Overall September 22 – 24 in San Diego, CA, sponsored by Rickaroons and Innova.

The WFDF Warm up Weekend sparked enough interest that we have decided to run another event in September.  This one will focus more on DDC, with a side of field events and freestyle.  We will run this as an overall event with an overall winner.

Event line-up:

Friday 4pm – ACCURACY (this will be a non-point scoring event. We understand not everyone can get to a three-day tournament, BUT we wanted there to be an opportunity for people to compete in the event and perhaps shoot for records).

Saturday 8:30 am Player’s Meeting

9 am– DDC

We will have four different rounds of DDC (then a final), each a variant of various formats that have been utilized for other events as well DDC.

  1. A/B random draw (players will be ranked into two groups, using Conrad’s rankings page to sort them. Players from top half of the list will draw a partner from below the mid-point.)
  2. A/B assignment. Players are assigned a rank based on their Conrad-ranking. (Example: Conrad would be 1, the next highest player would be 2, etc.) If there are, say, 32 players, #1 & #32 would be partners for this round, and each pair would have two players whose ranking add up to 33. (i.e. #16 would be paired with #17)
  3. Seeded King of the Court, using pools ordered by player seeding.
  4. One more format I’m forgetting right now- possibly just a random draw. (Rick Perry moment, dammit).
  5. Finally, a final, with the top four winning records advancing to the round robin (3 game) final.

So, we’ll do 3 games in each round of DDC. We’ll do two to three rounds of DDC on Saturday, then break for lunch.

Saturday after lunch- SCF & Distance (two rounds each)

Sunday morning – DDC to completion

SCF Final

Distance Final

Accuracy Final

Freestyle Final – 1 round of open pairs.  2 minute routines.  Hat tournament or pick your partner (will be decided soon).

Pick-up DDC (or pick-up SCF and Distance- whatever floats your boat)