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Accuracy – Juliana Korver


Accuracy is an individual event in which a competetor gets 4 opportunities from each of 7 locations to throw a Frisbee through a target.  The target is 1.5 meters square and is 1 meter off the ground. Typically there is a net to stop the Frisbees as they pass through the target.


Three of the 7 locations are straight in line with target.  Two of the locations are off to the side requiring the Frisbee to pass from right to left through the target and the remaining two locations are oriented on the other side requiring the Frisbee to pass from left to right through the target.


If room is available, all 7 stations can be marked on the ground and the target will then remain stationary. Otherwise, the target may be rotated in each direction and the competitor throws a total of 3 sets from each of the front 2 locations with the target it each orientation and 1 set from the back, straight location to complete the 7 stations.

Most people use a Zephyr for this event.  To be legal for accuracy, the Zephyr must not weight more than 161 grams. Specific rules regarding the approved discs for this event are as follows:

From Article VI of the WFDF rules:

A. Special Restrictions: For game design and safety considerations, discs in accuracy play must meet both the W.F.D.F. general disc specifications (section 107) and these additional specifications:
(1) Rim configuration: must achieve a rim configuration rating of 75 or greater (may not be beveled – see section 108 [D]).
(2) Leading edge radius: must have a leading edge radius that is greater than 1/16 in (1.6 mm) (see section 108[E]).
(3) Weight: must weigh no more than 6.7 gm per cm of outside diameter.
(4) Rigidity: must not exceed 89.3 N (9.1 kg / 20 lbs.) of pressing force as measured by the flexibility testing procedure (see section 108[F]).


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