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Juliana Korver



Discathon combines speed and accuracy in a timed event where your disc has to traverse a set of mandatories. Competetors carry 2 or 3 discs. One disc is thrown, when the player approaches their thrown
disc, they must throw their next shot before picking up their previous shot. There are a few things in discathon that are not intuitive to someone with a disc golf background. First, a competetor may stop the
movement of their own disc once it is on the ground.
That is primarily because a player’s lie can only be established when their disc is at rest. So if their disc is rolling, they can stop it instead of waiting for it to stop on its own.
Even more hard to internalize for a disc golfer is that
a legal lie is one that is within 1.5 meters (yes meters) of the center of your disc. This is in any direction, even in front of your disc. You can see that I’m taking advantage of the 1.5 meter rule in the photo
to the left.


The best discathon players have the ability to throw and pick up their previous disc while barely breaking stride. They are not sprinting, but they are running a steady pace that allows them enough accuracy to
traverse the course efficiently.

WFDF Rules: Discathon